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COVID-19 Safety Procedures for Moving

July 24, 2020

We have implemented strict Covid-19 safety procedures to reduce risk for our customers, staff and movers.

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Superior Movers recognizes the uncertainty, anxiety and risk that Covid-19 has brought to our families, friends and communities.

We are actively complying with all current and future federal, state and local authorities’ directives on social gathering. Your Superior Movers team will always be following stringent health and safety cleaning protocols.

Moving is hard work and can be stressful and overwhelming. Your Superior Movers team is trained with exceptional customer service to take away stress and to deliver a safe, fast and worry-free moving experience. Customer Service and Safety has always been Superior Movers highest priority.

Below are our detailed Covid-19 procedures to limit risk of exposure for our clients.


About Our COVID-19 Moving Procedures:

1. We request from our clients if anyone in the household is ill to let us know before the scheduled move date so we can reschedule. Any worker who feels at all ill is automatically excused from work. Superior Movers will be using a touchless thermometer on our workers every day, before commencing work to verify that they do not have an abnormal temperature.

2. Every worker will receive a new mask before each move. We are also happy to provide masks for our clients if needed. To limit exposure to our clients, we have trained our workers to maintain social distancing.

3. Superior Movers is providing a portable hand washing station within our moving trucks. We require our workers to wash their hands periodically throughout the move. We are also providing hand sanitizer to our crew. We are also happy to provide hand sanitizer for our clients if needed.

4. Due to the difficult nature of moving we are limiting our appointments to 5-hours of physical moving time and/or 1 trip per day. This helps to ensure that our clients and movers do not over-work themselves which could compromise their immune systems. That means that large moves will need to be scheduled for 2 or more days.


Special Requests Available:

Initial and final walkthroughs will be conducted with the client and your driver applying a social distance of 6 feet. At this time, your driver will notate any special requests that our client may have and coordinate those with your crew.


We’ll Handle the Safety Details!

Please reach out to us with more questions and details about your move so we can plan accordingly for you maximum safety during the moving process.

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