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What Is Double Drive Time?

October 25, 2019

Double drive time is a state law and is a requirement for all moving companies in CA by the California Public Utilities Commission.

This law allows for California based moving companies to double the amount of time it takes to get from the origin point to the destination point at the agreed upon hourly rate.

For example: If it takes 15 minutes to drive from your origin to your destination, the total drive time becomes 30 minutes.

Another way to look at is that your drive time is added to your moving time to give you a Total Moving Time. So if it takes you 2 hours to load the truck, 2 hours to drive to your new location and 1 hour to unload the truck, then your Total Moving Time is 7 hours. Each additional trip is doubled, so if there are 2 trips then it is tripled and if there are 3 trips then it is quadrupled. If there are multiple pick ups and/or drop offs then the drive time to each is doubled. But if there is only a starting location and an ending location then only the drive time that has stuff in the truck is doubled. So in the scenario where there are 3 trips and the drive time is quadrupled, you do not count the drive time to go back to pick up more stuff.

In order to give customers more protection, the law was enacted so customers are only charged for the process of moving their homes. The CPUC keeps the moving companies more honest with this model. The customers are therefore not responsible for expenses from the time and gas to get from the truck’s warehouse to the origin.

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