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Residential Moving Services

Our competitive rates are charged by the hour, but we prorate you every 15 minutes if you go over our minimum.

This Is What
We Can Do For You:

  • We offer free moving quotes with no obligation
  • We move studios, apartments, condos, houses and estates
  • We offer full packing & unpacking services
  • We will move or rearrange furniture inside your residence or business
  • We will professionally load or unload your rental truck or POD
  • We can provide you with junk hauling and e-waste removal service
  • We move all types of pianos, safes & large appliances
  • We can crate your precious antiques, art and high value items
  • We can facilitate short or long term storage solutions

Extra Protection

We take extra precautions to protect your home and furniture

  • Floor runners for hardwood floors
  • Carpet shield for carpet protection
  • Door jamb protector pads
  • Banister protection
  • Masonite hardwood floor protection (for extra protection)
  • Complete blanket wrap and stretch wrap of your furniture.

Basic Moving Rates

This service is for our customers that like to be completely prepared before the movers arrive so that they can save money. These customers are not only completely packed but have also disassembled & shrink-wrapped their own furniture, and they are willing to move their loose & small items themselves. For these customers we offer the best rate that we can. But in order to save you the most money that we can, we will only move boxes and furniture. If you only have a few items that need to be shrink-wrapped and/or have disassembly & reassembly, then we can handle that for you with some additional charges.

We can send out a packing crew 1-3 days before your moving day that will only focus on packing your fragile and delicate items and leave you packing materials so you can pack the rest of your home yourself. Otherwise if you are more interested in saving your personal time, then our Full Service Rates will be a better fit for you.

Full Service Rates

Our Full Service Moving Rates are for our customers that do not have the time to properly prepare their home before the movers arrive. We will disassemble & reassemble your beds and furniture as well as shrink-wrap your items. We will bring wardrobe boxes for your bedding & hanging clothes as well as move all your loose & small items.

For customers that do not have the time to pack their home, we can provide Full Service Packing where we come and completely pack and organize your home 1-3 days before your moving day. We can even help you downsize by hauling away items that you no longer want.

Hauling Service

Our Hauling Service does not accept any of the following items:

  • Environmental Hazardous Waste
  • Flammable Items
  • Medical Waste
  • Liquids of any sort
  • Items or containers containing paint, gas, oil, or propane

We can only haul away unwanted items that can be accepted by your local donation centers or recycling centers. All appliances must be emptied including refrigerators and freezers prior to removal and all water and gas lines must be disconnected by the customer and not Superior Movers crew.

Hauling Rates:

For the smallest Hauling needs, please use our Price Estimator. We have a $60 minimum for these customers.

For customers with larger hauling needs we offer two services, Curbside Pickup and Full Service. For Full Service we will come into your home/office and disassemble or demolish items that need it. For these customers we have two separate rates, either per pickup truck load or per dump-trailer load.

For Pickup Truck Loads that are Curbside Pickup it is $195 for the first load and $125 for each additional load. Our Dump-Trailers can fit 5 Pickup Truck Loads in it and gives you the best price for your hauling needs.

For Dump-Trailer Loads, we charge on how much space you take up and if it's Curbside or Full Service Pickup.

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Piece Rates

No More than 5 Pieces/Mover & 50 Miles

First Piece
  • Not Over 10 Miles - $80.00/Mover
  • 11 – 20 Miles - $155.00/Mover
  • Over 20 Miles - $217.00/Mover
Additional Pieces
  • $28.50/Mover

Basic Rates

2 Hr Minimum Required

  • 2 Movers - $110 per hour
  • 3 Movers - $157 per hour
  • 4 Movers - $196 per hour
  • 5 Movers - $235 per hour
  • 6 Movers - $274 per hour
  • Additional Moving Trucks
    $285 Flat Rate
  • Pickup Truck and 16’ Trailer
    $150 Flat Rate
  • Disassembly & Reassembly
    $15 per piece
  • Shrink Wrap
    $15 per piece
  • Wardrobes
    $15 each

Full Service Rates

3 Hr Minimum Required

  • 2 Movers - $130 per hour
  • 3 Movers - $177 per hour
  • 4 Movers - $216 per hour
  • 5 Movers - $255 per hour
  • 6 Movers - $294 per hour
  • Additional Moving Trucks
    $285 Flat Rate
  • Pickup Truck and 16’ Trailer
    $150 Flat Rate

Specialized Services Available

  • All services require a 2-Hour Minimum
  • All services subject to Double-Drive Time & Fuel Surcharge

Packing Rates

3 Hr Minimum Required

  • 2 Packers - $130 per hour
  • 3 Packers - $177 per hour
  • 4 Packers - $216 per hour
  • 5 Packers - $255 per hour
  • 6 Packers - $294 per hour
  • Small Boxes - $2.00 each
  • Medium Boxes - $3.50 each
  • Large Boxes - $4.75 each
  • Wardrobes - $20.00 each
  • Packing Paper - $45 per bundle
  • Tape - $4 per roll
  • Small Bubbles Wrap
  • Large Bubbles Wrap
  • Twin Size Mattress Bag
    $10.00 each
  • Full Size Mattress Bag
    $10.00 each
  • Queen Size Mattress Bag
    $13.50 each
  • King Size Mattress Bag
    $13.50 each
  • Sofa Mattress Bag
    $15.00 each
  • 2 - Chair Mattress Bags
    $10.00 each

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