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XXL Move Package

Suggested for 4-5 bedroom room apartments and homes.

For 6 Movers - Rate: $294.00 per hour with a 3-hour minimum, $285 Extra Truck Surcharge, $85 Fuel Surcharge and Double Drive-Time. You can add an additional Pickup Truck with a 16 foot Trailer for an additional $150 Surcharge.

Move Includes

6 professional movers with Two - 26 foot moving trucks and all the essential moving items: Wardrobe boxes, shrink wrap, dollies, moving pads, hoists and anything else necessary to complete your move.


3 hour minimum is required for each appointment.

Double drive time is a CA state regulated fee. The drive time between your origin and the destination is doubled. For example: if it takes 15 minutes to drive from your origin to your destination, the total drive time becomes 30 minutes. Our double drive time can be applied to your 3-hour minimum.

Adding additional movers will get your move done faster and safer which will save you $.

Situations having an additional mover is advised

Stairs, Long walks, Elevators, Garage, Storage, Den/Office, Outdoor and/or patio items, Assembly/disassembly of furniture, Large appliances.

* We advise using 2 additional movers if you have 2 or more of these situations.

Overtime and Gratuity

All moving packages are scheduled to be completed within 5 hours.

If you think your move will take longer than 5 hours or require two trips, then contact our office to schedule an additional truck and/or movers. We can set up your move to take place over two days if needed.

If your move takes longer than 5 hours, then you will be required to pay for mandatory gratuity surcharges. The cost is $10 per mover, per hour in addition to your moving rate. Moving is tough, stressful and hard work on the body. Just as a restaurant charges mandatory gratuity on large parties, we charge mandatory gratuity on long days so that our workers deliver a 5 Star experience even on the toughest and longest moving days.  

Overtime is a California state regulated fee. If your moving service takes longer than 7 hours, then you will be required to pay for Overtime Surcharges. Every job requires our workers to work an additional hour over your Moving Time to set the truck up and for getting to and back from the job. Overtime Surcharges are charged at 1.5 times your moving rate on normal days and 2 times your moving rate on holidays. 

We will accommodate moves and packs much longer than 7 hours.

Each additional mover can save you 1 to 1.5 hours off your move.

Give us a call at (619) 333-MOVE (6683) and find out how to save $$$ by being prepared!

Non Allowables

These items are flammable, corrosive or explosive and are not allowed inside the truck:

Paint, Paint Thinner, Kerosene, Gasoline, Charcoal, lighter, Fireworks, Fertilizers, Aerosol, Propane, tanks, Pool chemicals, Fire extinguisher, Cleaning Solvents, Dirt, & Plants require a pickup truck

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